To All our Friends and Supporters,

  We apologize for not getting a letter out sooner, but we are looking forward to having a new baby in the house this next month, and we have been working to that end as well as keeping the local ministry going.

  The local ministry has gone through some changes due to losing some men to the mission field and other ministries, but  we are truly excited about the new men who are getting involved and the new opportunities that are developing

Thank you for your prayers and support as we keep going forward.

Bro. Nathan

Hoke CI Revival A Great Success


 The Revival at Hoke Correctional in Hoke County,  North Carolina was one of the best revivals we have had this year in spirit and attendance.
   We worked through Rainbow Baptist Church and Pastor Wayne Jones in reaching these men, and  what a tremendous blessing having the men of the church playing their instruments and singing each night. 
   Bro Wayne preached the first night on the Cross and Bro Joe Hendricks with Living Letters Prison Ministry out of Maiden NC. preached with us on Saturday and Sunday evening.
  Twenty one men made a professions of salvation and two men informed us God had called them to preach that week.  What a God we serve.
   Continue praying for Bro Wayne and the church as they continue to look for avenues to continue working with the men at Hoke CI.


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